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Last week the wee folk and I made a trek back to Illinois to visit the family.  My brother graduated from the University of Illinois at Springfield on the 16th with a Masters in Public Administration.  It was typical graduation except for one thing….FREAKING FIST BUMPS!!!!!!!!!  Yes, people the hysteria regarding the H1N1 strain of influenza caused the Chancellor to forego the traditional (professional) handshake to give graduates a fist bump/respect knuckles.  It was ridiculous.  If you need photographic proof go the 2009 Commencement page (bottom of the page) or my brother’s twitpic.  Yeah….
At least I got a respectable picture:
Since my sanity was barely hanging in the balance after being on the plane with 2 small children, I decided to give the in-laws some quality time with their grandchildren while I was at the graduation.  Naturally they loved it!  I felt kind of bad that my IL’s only got a fraction of the time that my family got, but they did get to spend time with all of us in january while my family hadn’t seen us since october.  Next time we visit I’ll try to make the visit more equal.
Anyway, visiting my family is pretty laid back.  There were a few things that had to be done.  We went to church on sunday (have to show off the grandkids), my brother left on tuesday (to move out to Seattle!!), visit with my grandparents, lunch in Bishop Hill, you get the idea.
That’s all I got.  There’s more pictures in my january-june album.  Take care!
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I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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