Craptastic Macro

Ever since I found out about macro I was intrigued.  I’d always wondered how people were able to get pictures so close to the subject, then I realized my elph has the function.  Of course now I rarely use the regular camera for pictures so how am I supposed to take macro shots?  Well, I have found 2 ways to use my camera phone to take macro pictures.  Thanks to a knitter I met in Redmond, I learned that a simple magnifying glass can be used.  She had a special case for her eyePhone that allowed a small fisheye to be placed over the camera lens to take pictures of text; I believe its intended use was for business cards or bar codes.  I tried looking for something similar that could be used on my phone but came up with nothing so I just got a small credit card sized magnifier & it works great!  Here’s an example of text taken with:
Like the Bobby Pins?
and without:
(it helps to view the image full size) The difference isn’t profound, but definately more readable.  Here’s a knitted object using my "macro":
My Own Handspun!
For some reason it seems to be more obvious a difference in my knitting….or it could just be me.  I also found an instructable on this matter using a disposable coffee cup lid.  Here’s my version:
With    Without
To be honest it doesn’t work as well, but it would be a good substitute if my magnifying card isn’t nearby.  Plus it’s just a small piece of plastic, easily replaceable if broken/lost/stolen-by-small-person.
I love to break things
I just kind of felt like sharing this, perhaps even inspiring others to experiment with pictures!

About Beth

I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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