Do You See a Pattern?

Okay so at first it wasn’t intentional; my first 2 posts this month just happened to start with the letter “D”. But now I feel like I need to try & keep this up or something. I’m really painting myself in a corner this month aren’t I?

Well, I have another sock, this time I used leftover yarn from Shawl that Jazz. I tried to make a ruffled cuff this time but I couldn’t get the cast on right & my 2mm needles have the bluntest point ever which made doing a k2tog as big a pain as stepping on a Lego. You know what I’m talking about!!

They’re so stubby!! I think I may have to invest in some pointier needles soon….I could consider it a birthday present to myself :p
Today I took the kids to a birthday party for my boss’s daughter who is turning one. K & W had a lot of fun & watching a wee little girl tentatively try & eat cake was adorable.

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ETA:uploaded a better photo of the socks 🙂


About Beth

I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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