Kind of a sad day for my family today. My grandfather past away last Monday & today was his funeral. Unfortunately I was not able to get back to Illinois to be with my Dad for this sad time. Papa (that’s what us grandkids called him) was 87 and was a car salesman in his younger days. My father worked for him for many years until my grandparents decided to move back to where they had grown up. I remember thinking it was so strange that my grandparents had lived in so many houses because I had only lived in one house my whole life & my other grandparents never moved. I really liked one house they had because it had a pool, a concrete pool! I loved going to their house in the summer not just for the swimming but also because it was more likely that my cousins would visit. Once my Dad’s parents moved away we didn’t seem them as much; partly because we were older, but also because they were further away. A few years ago my grandfather was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s so he moved back to my hometown but unfortunately he required more care than my parents were able to give him so he lived with first my Dad’s older sister then his oldest sister. My aunts both took good care of my grandfather but my aunt Pam took care of him toward the end and found a very nice nursing home for him when his situation required it.
When I was a kid, I remember that my grandfather liked a cologne called Grey Flannel so in honor of him I made a grey sock.

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