The Big Day

I’m apologizing in advance; this is a picture heavy post, sorry. But you can click on any picture to see it enlarged.
After visiting with my family we made our way to Chicago to vist my SIL, her husband & their new little boy B. We spent most of the day with them, but in the evening we had the wedding rehersal for my brother & future sister-in-law. My family had the dinner at Lou Malnati’s which, if you know anything about Chicago style pizza, you know about Lou Malnati’s! W got a gift for being the ring bearer:

The next day was pretty busy, but fun. Here’s Anne & her mom while we were getting ready:
Mother, daugher
Here’s Anne showing us “Blue Steel”:

During the ceremony, I straight up cried…I cried like a chef in an onion factory! I was so happy for my little brother and his new wife and I was so excited they asked me to be a part of their special day 🙂 This is them after the ceremony with W & Anne’s niece (the flower girl)

This is my favorite picture of my little man, he looks so grown up!

Here are a few more pics of the wedding party while we were getting pictures taken:

And here’s my family:

And me & my special guy:

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