Spindle Testing

Since purchasing a Tahkli last year at Sock Summit, I’ve been trying new types of spindles. I started back in 2005 with a top whorl, but have since learned to appreciate the bottom whorl as well. In fact, I’ve mostly been using a toy wheel & dowel bottom whorl spindle over the past few months.

On a side note, that yarn was supposed to be plied & knit into a shawl for my brother’s wedding in August….fail.
Anyway, I’m not as adept at woolen spinning as I am at worsted. For those of you non-spinners, woolen & worsted are how the fiber is drafted before it’s turned into yarn; if you want more info you can look it up! 😉 Woolen drafting is typically what’s used with support spindles because the staple length is so short, you need to get the twist into the fiber supply as fast as possible. I’ve been trying to practice this technique & decided to get a Russian spindle to further my practice:

This spindle was actually made locally by Lisa Chan of Gripping Yarn. It’s in white ash & it is a piece of art (it is so pretty).
Another type of bottom whorl spindle is the Turkish. It works like any other spindle but the way you wind it on is a bit different so yet another thing for me to practice. Here’s a cute little one I got from one of my knitting group friends:

I’m not sure where she originally got it, but it’s a Jenkin’s Kuchulu & it’s super tiny.
I seem to be doing a lot of practicing. Let’s hope it will help me improve my skills!

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