Aunt Debbie

I had mentioned previously that the past year has had some sadness & losses. I don’t want to post them all at once so instead I’m going to write them in between some happier things.

When someone dies it’s sad, even if the person wasn’t that nice. In the case of my Dad’s sister, Debbie, it’s harder knowing how kind & loving the person was that is now gone. My Aunt Debbie loved kids! She had 5 children of her own and was so loving to her niblings. The last time I saw her she picked up Katie and gave her such a big hug, I thought she’d throw her back out😊 Of course she was the type of person who would bend over backwards for anyone she loved. She cared for her mother-in-law while she was suffering from Alzheimer’s, she cared for her father when he needed medical help my parents couldn’t provide & she cared for her grandchildren (and probably spoiled them).
Aunt Debbie was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia a few years ago. Usually this form of cancer is curable, but my aunt unfortunately had a genetic predisposition which would cause her to continue to get it. She had gone into remission but we knew it was only a matter of time before she would be sick again so my Dad’s other sister donated bone marrow.

Her gift allowed Aunt Debbie another year before the recurrence that eventually took her from us in July. It’s sad to think she’s no longer here and that her grandchildren won’t grow into adults with this special woman in their lives. Luckily, she was dearly loved and they will hear from their parents about their wonderful Nana.



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