Meet Bernadette

This is our dog Bernadette, or Berni, for short. She is a Bernese Mountain Dog-Poodle mix born October of 2015. Hubby has always wanted a Bernese Mountain Dog & while I have seen many Bernese pups which are always the SWEETEST dogs, they are also prone to many health issues. So even though he repeatedly has said he wants to get one, I have always said “no”. But then, one of his employees sent a picture of a Bernese-Poodle mix & he was smitten. I agreed to getting her because, as a mix, she will hopefully have fewer problems than her purebred father. So Berni became our family Christmas present. Tumbleweed was initially wondering what the heck this little puff ball was that was barking at her, but she warmed up to her pretty quick. It seemed that Berni helped invigorate Tumbles in her old age, but there’s only so far the clock can turn back. In April of 2016 we had to euthanized Tumbleweed after she fell down the stairs. She helped teach Berni how to be our dog.
Here’s Berni after her first grooming:

I think she was embarrassed to be naked! Here she is playing with her “cousin” (my brothers in-laws dog) Nova in Illinois last summer:

Last December we got 2 guinea pigs named Baby Snowball & Freeda (I’ll write more about them later). Bernie is so gentle with them, she’s never chased or tried to bite them, but she is SUPER jealous when they get attention. She pretty much likes to do this:

That’s Snowball on my lap with Berni reminding me how cute she is.




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I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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