Well, I’ve been avoiding this post, but I think it’s time to talk about Tumbleweed. I’ve probably mentioned before that she was brought to the vet clinic I worked at with broken front legs. The clinic took care of her until we could find her a home, but when I first saw her I fell in love. I told my boss I wanted her & they didn’t look quite as hard 😉 She had her ups and downs, broke her leg again, had a myxoma removed from her wrist, but was in pretty good health until around October of 2015. I had noticed her bark was hoarse, as if she had been smoking cigarettes for years. I never asked my bosses but I’m pretty sure she had laryngeal paralysis. It’s common in older Labs & since she was half-lab, I wasn’t surprised. She was also having seizures more frequently but not with enough consistency for her to be medicated. In December we got Bernadette and at first I was worried Tumbles wouldn’t do well with a new puppy but she did great; Berni seemed to have perked her up! That silly pup would run around Tumbleweed barking at her & the old lady’s tail would wag while she’d bark her hoarse voice back at her.
Around April of 2016 Tumbles started going downhill again. She was vomiting more and moving a lot slower. I had put a string of lights on the stairs to help her in the dark, but one night they didn’t help enough. I think she misjudged the last few steps an fell on the hard floor. I helped her up & took her outside thinking she had maybe strained a leg, but the next day I suspected something was wrong. She barely moved all day so I tried to coax her outside to use the bathroom, she wouldn’t move. I ended up carrying her outside several times & she would go but would not walk. The next day she stopped eating & that’s when I knew. I was still in pretty seriously denial until hubby asked if we should put Tumbleweed to sleep and I lost it. I started crying & told him “yes.” That night, Katie & Wes said goodbye & I loaded my pup in my car for the last time. It’s hard to face your coworkers in a difficult situation, but luckily they are all very understanding. I held Tumbles for the last time as my boss helped her pass to the Rainbow Bridge. I still think about what I could have done differently the last few months of her life, but try not to beat myself up too much (you can’t change the past). I love you Tumbleweed 🖤


About Beth

I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.
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