Some things about me:
I’m a stay-at-home mom which means that I have children
I have 2 children: a Girl (2004) & a Boy (2007)
I love my children very much but I believe they are trying to drive me crazy
I’ve been married to my husband since 1999
I am 4 months or 121 days older than my husband, but most people believe that he is the older one
I do have a part-time job working at a vet clinic (I work saturdays)
I’ve been working off and on in the vet field since 1999
I’m a Sagittarius which means I’m part horse & on fire.
Until I was 26 I lived my entire life in Illinois
My parents still live in the house that they brought me home from the hospital after I was born
My parents’ home only had 1 bathroom until a few years ago
I have 2 younger brothers
My youngest brother is 6 years & 1 day younger than myself, he’s also 1/2 horse & on fire
I have two nieces (A=2009 & M=2016) who live in Illinois
I hate that I don’t get to see my nieces very often:(
I have four nephews (B=2012, L=2014, C=2014 & O=2016)
Two nephews live in Illinois & two live in the PNW
I live in the Pacific Northwest (since 2008)
I do not like it in the PNW (see above)
My youngest brother also lives in the PNW with his family
They make living here slightly more bareable
I have 1 dog, 2 cats & 2 guinea pigs
One of my cats is a cancer survivor (seriously!)
My blog was originally through MSN Spaces
I’ve been blogging since 2005
I have a BS in Biology-clearly I’m using that well
I almost got a minor in Russian language & literature
Я говорю немного русский (I speak a little Russian)
I love, love, love knitting
I learned to knit before 1989
I only know that because I remember learning the Long-tail cast-on at my grandparents’ home (they moved in 1989)
I learned to spin in 2005
I bought a wheel in 2008
I don’t spin very often, but when I do I love it also
I enjoy foreign languages
I collect children’s books from around the world
I have only left the continental United States twice-both times to Canada (America’s hat)
I have been to most of the States
I have been to Walt Disney World MANY times
I love Disney World
I love EPCOT
No one else in my family seems to like EPCOT
You can drink alcohol at EPCOT ;o)
I am a huge nerd
I enjoy Sci Fi
I love playing my Nintendo 3DS XL
I love playing video games particularly puzzle-type games, traditional side-scrolling (ie Super Mario Bros) and Animal Crossing
I am ridiculously excited about Animal Crossing: New Leaf
I watch WAY too much TV
I like Plurk better than Twitter, but still use both
I am quite proud of my Norwegian heritage on my father’s side of the family
I wish I knew more about my mother’s side of the family (my Grandmother’s maiden name was Smith)
My 4th great grandfather was a noted Rosemale painter
I enjoying adding branches on my ancestry site


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