Early Birthday Gift 2?

Yay! I got my Reindeer Games Kit! It’s a special Christmas collaboration between Knitter’s Nightmare and The Stitchin’ Narwhal. I can’t wait to cast-on these socks! 🧦

Look at the cute candy cane lining!


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A Little Game Help

A month or so ago, I decided to get a 2DS XL. My old 3DS XL wasn’t working very well & the new 2DS’s had come out over the summer. I looked into them and they had all the features of the 3DS minus the 3D technology. I almost never used the 3D as it hurt my eyes so it seemed like the way to go. I really like the 2DS XL a LOT; it works great! It takes some getting used to where the “power” & “home” buttons are and the stylus as well since it’s in the center instead of the right side (if I were left-handed I would like it more).

One of the big issues I had was when I tried transferring all my games between the devices. I had done the wireless transfer which took awhile to do so I left it alone & came back to find only some of my games were moved. I tried to do the computer transfer between the 2 SD cards but had the same result. Time to call customer service. The solution was so easy I felt dumb for calling.
First go to the eShop:

Apparently “Metroid” was new when I did this.

Anyway, once you’re in the eShop, go all the way to the left to “Settings/Other”:

In Settings you will see various options but the one you’re looking for is “Redownloadable Software”

Once you click on it, all of your games should be there. For example, “Legend of Zelda”. Click on the Redownload button:

You should see this screen letting you know you can download this title. So, download!

Ta-da! Now you have presents to open:

I hope this helps! I had started writing this post earlier today, before I found out Nintendo had released “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp”. As you can see above, I am an Animal Crossing fan, but sadly I am unable to get the game (don’t have a compatible OS) 😢


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Another Day…..

And not much to write. I worked this morning & the kids had a half day at school for parent-teacher conferences. Other than that, not much to say ☺


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Early Birthday Gift?

Last year I discovered Alex & Ani bracelets. I think they are pretty & there are so many designs to choose from…..including Disney ones! I saw their winter ones & found this:

I see it as an early birthday gift to myself 😀

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Forest Friends

Last year I got a collaboration kit from Highland Handmades & Girl Cave Bags called “Forest Friends”. The bag was very cute and the matching yarn was striped with the colors on the bag. These are the socks I wore to work today.


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Today we had a toilet & drain stoppers replaced. Not super exciting, but it is useful! 😁

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Baby Snowball & Freeda

And now a post about lighter things. Last summer Wes said he really wanted a pet of his own and either he or I had mentioned potentially getting a guinea pig. As summer came to a close, I didn’t think the kids would have enough time to devote to new pets so we waited. But Wes was being more helpful with Berni & the cats, so hubby & I decided to get the kids guinea pigs over winter break. They are social rodents so it worked out perfect to let each kid pick out their own. Katie named her’s Baby Snowball & Wes named his Freeda.

Here is Wes holding Freeda the day we got them

Here are both of them hiding in their new home.
They are super cute & are somewhat high maintenance; not so much that they need constant attention, but more with their diet. They need fresh greens twice daily and lots of Timothy hay as well as a daily dose of vitamin C. Just like humans, they can’t make vitamin C so they need it from their diet. Here’s a few more pictures of these cuties.


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