Time, She Flies

I used to use a service called Timehop & it was great! They would email me once a day with my foursquare checkins and twitter & facebook posts from the previous year. Eventually they switched to going to their website to see the previous year info. Then they changed to ONLY their app and they don’t make an app for my phone….booo! The whole point of me writing this is that I use a different app to see my previous posts and this is what I saw today:

My little girl had her kindergarten concert 5 yrs ago today. She’s getting ready to transition into middle school and I have no idea where the time has gone :’)


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Eh, No One’s Perfect

Yesterday was hubby & my 16th wedding anniversary.

Apparently it is the tungsten year…very exciting. I’m not using it as an excuse, just as kind if an explanation.


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BFL and Sparkles

As I mentioned on Tuesday, I went to my LYS and got some Frabjous Fibers BFL/sparkle color shifting fiber. I could barely wait to start spinning it, but I decided to plan ahead a little bit. As you can see, it is in a gradient and as cool as it would be to do a 2-ply from blue to green to yellow I decided a fractal would be the way to go. There are plenty of instructions on fractal spinning so I won’t go into too much detail….I’ll just go over what I did.

As you can see, I divided the original braid into 3 sections. Number 1 is 1/2 of the braid & the number 2’s are each 1/4 of the braid. This way the colors don’t completely line up, but they will still work together. Spinning this fiber has been very enjoyable, but there is one little issue.

Can’t see it? Try this one

The sparkle is like freaking glitter; it gets everywhere and you can’t get rid of it. Now considering I’m usually covered in animal hair & my house has little black tumbleweeds in the corners, it really doesn’t bother me. You may feel differently 😉


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Aunt Debbie

I had mentioned previously that the past year has had some sadness & losses. I don’t want to post them all at once so instead I’m going to write them in between some happier things.

When someone dies it’s sad, even if the person wasn’t that nice. In the case of my Dad’s sister, Debbie, it’s harder knowing how kind & loving the person was that is now gone. My Aunt Debbie loved kids! She had 5 children of her own and was so loving to her niblings. The last time I saw her she picked up Katie and gave her such a big hug, I thought she’d throw her back out😊 Of course she was the type of person who would bend over backwards for anyone she loved. She cared for her mother-in-law while she was suffering from Alzheimer’s, she cared for her father when he needed medical help my parents couldn’t provide & she cared for her grandchildren (and probably spoiled them).
Aunt Debbie was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia a few years ago. Usually this form of cancer is curable, but my aunt unfortunately had a genetic predisposition which would cause her to continue to get it. She had gone into remission but we knew it was only a matter of time before she would be sick again so my Dad’s other sister donated bone marrow.

Her gift allowed Aunt Debbie another year before the recurrence that eventually took her from us in July. It’s sad to think she’s no longer here and that her grandchildren won’t grow into adults with this special woman in their lives. Luckily, she was dearly loved and they will hear from their parents about their wonderful Nana.


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Ah Tuesday

Today I made a trek to one of my LYS’s. Partially incase other people from my knitting group came and partially because, I like yarn. I picked up some Frabjous Fibers BFL & sparkle spinning fiber. I’ll have to remember to take a picture tomorrow (if the sun cooperates) because it is quite lovely!


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Wow, Just, Wow!

Well it’s June…..of 2015 and I haven’t posted anything since my nephews were born over a year ago 😞
Sadly most of what has happened over the last year has not been that great. I’ve decided to (try to) post every day this month. Notice how June has 30 days? 😉 So for the few who might still be subscribed to me, you’ll get some updates!

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They’re New!

Long time, no type! I’m not going to do the whole “sorry I haven’t posted in awhile” because, what’s the point? So instead I’m posting some fun news for my family. I have TWO new nephews! My youngest brother & his wife had a little boy in March & my younger brother & his wife had a little boy today!! So excite ^_^
This is baby L. He lives near me so hopefully I’ll be able to see him more frequently.

This is baby AC. He lives in Illinois, so I won’t be able to see him as much which makes me sad 😦

So that is my awesome news! I now have 1 niece & 3 nephews. Guess I’d better get knitting!

Have a great day!

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