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I'm a SAHM, knitter, spinner, occasional runner, weaver & hermit.

End of November

Yay! I made it to November 30th and I only missed 2 days. Gotta say, kinda proud of myself 😁  Of course tomorrow is December 1st, maybe I’ll post, maybe I won’t. Either way I hope you have a great … Continue reading

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Nothing New….Again

Well tomorrow is the last day of November and so far I have only missed 2 days. I actually kind of liked doing this again. Sure, some days I didn’t have much to write about, but overall this has kind … Continue reading

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One Down

I finished Spooky Sock number one 😁 Beth

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I’m almost ready to Kitchner stitch the toe on my Spooky Socks. It’s too dark now to take a picture so I’ll have to post one later 😃 Beth

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OK, real life here, I just finished my run so I look like I ran 3 miles…in the rain 😀 Beth

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Weaving Buddy

I was on the couch weaving a couple days ago while Katie was sitting next to me with Freeda. Katie then let her go onto my lap & she found a next cozy spot under my project. Beth

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As I was closing my eyes last night I remembered that I hadn’t posted a quick “Happy Thanksgiving!” I was pretty tired so I kind of let it go. Considering I was busy most of the day yesterday, I don’t … Continue reading

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