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Weaving Buddy

I was on the couch weaving a couple days ago while Katie was sitting next to me with Freeda. Katie then let her go onto my lap & she found a next cozy spot under my project. Beth Advertisements

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A Little Game Help

A month or so ago, I decided to get a 2DS XL. My old 3DS XL wasn’t working very well & the new 2DS’s had come out over the summer. I looked into them and they had all the features … Continue reading

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All the Things!

I enjoy memes. When I’m feeling a bit down I look at this one and it makes me smile: Beth Subscribe to My Blue Room or by Email

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Ever wonder what you’d look like if you were a pony from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic? Of course you do! Here is the one I made to represent me; I’d say it’s pretty acurate. And yes, I gave … Continue reading

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Looong Car Ride

In August, my youngest brother got married. Naturally we went to the wedding, but DH thought it might be a good idea to drive there. Did I mention my brother & sister-in-law were getting married in Illinois? We didn’t drive … Continue reading

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Danger at Knit Fit!

Today we are in the present, tomorrow I’ll go back to August 🙂 In Seattle this weekend we had Knit Fit. It was a smaller affair, but definitely worth the time! Most of the vendors were local (Washington & Oregon) … Continue reading

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tsahyt-gahyst –noun German . the spirit of the time; general trend of thought or feeling characteristic of a particular period of time. The theme for december’s NaBloPoMo is Zeitgeist which literally translates as “time mind”. I find this interesting … Continue reading

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