Forest Friends

Last year I got a collaboration kit from Highland Handmades & Girl Cave Bags called “Forest Friends”. The bag was very cute and the matching yarn was striped with the colors on the bag. These are the socks I wore to work today.


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Today we had a toilet & drain stoppers replaced. Not super exciting, but it is useful! 😁

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Baby Snowball & Freeda

And now a post about lighter things. Last summer Wes said he really wanted a pet of his own and either he or I had mentioned potentially getting a guinea pig. As summer came to a close, I didn’t think the kids would have enough time to devote to new pets so we waited. But Wes was being more helpful with Berni & the cats, so hubby & I decided to get the kids guinea pigs over winter break. They are social rodents so it worked out perfect to let each kid pick out their own. Katie named her’s Baby Snowball & Wes named his Freeda.

Here is Wes holding Freeda the day we got them

Here are both of them hiding in their new home.
They are super cute & are somewhat high maintenance; not so much that they need constant attention, but more with their diet. They need fresh greens twice daily and lots of Timothy hay as well as a daily dose of vitamin C. Just like humans, they can’t make vitamin C so they need it from their diet. Here’s a few more pictures of these cuties.


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Well, I’ve been avoiding this post, but I think it’s time to talk about Tumbleweed. I’ve probably mentioned before that she was brought to the vet clinic I worked at with broken front legs. The clinic took care of her until we could find her a home, but when I first saw her I fell in love. I told my boss I wanted her & they didn’t look quite as hard 😉 She had her ups and downs, broke her leg again, had a myxoma removed from her wrist, but was in pretty good health until around October of 2015. I had noticed her bark was hoarse, as if she had been smoking cigarettes for years. I never asked my bosses but I’m pretty sure she had laryngeal paralysis. It’s common in older Labs & since she was half-lab, I wasn’t surprised. She was also having seizures more frequently but not with enough consistency for her to be medicated. In December we got Bernadette and at first I was worried Tumbles wouldn’t do well with a new puppy but she did great; Berni seemed to have perked her up! That silly pup would run around Tumbleweed barking at her & the old lady’s tail would wag while she’d bark her hoarse voice back at her.
Around April of 2016 Tumbles started going downhill again. She was vomiting more and moving a lot slower. I had put a string of lights on the stairs to help her in the dark, but one night they didn’t help enough. I think she misjudged the last few steps an fell on the hard floor. I helped her up & took her outside thinking she had maybe strained a leg, but the next day I suspected something was wrong. She barely moved all day so I tried to coax her outside to use the bathroom, she wouldn’t move. I ended up carrying her outside several times & she would go but would not walk. The next day she stopped eating & that’s when I knew. I was still in pretty seriously denial until hubby asked if we should put Tumbleweed to sleep and I lost it. I started crying & told him “yes.” That night, Katie & Wes said goodbye & I loaded my pup in my car for the last time. It’s hard to face your coworkers in a difficult situation, but luckily they are all very understanding. I held Tumbles for the last time as my boss helped her pass to the Rainbow Bridge. I still think about what I could have done differently the last few months of her life, but try not to beat myself up too much (you can’t change the past). I love you Tumbleweed 🖤

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Sock Progress

I’m making some pretty good progress on my Halloween socks. What do you think?


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I’m Remembering Why I Don’t Do This Very Often

Once again, I can’t think of anything to write about today and I’m remembering why blogging has fallen to the waist side. I’ve been working more frequently, as of late, and today my brain felt like mush when I got home. 

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Couldn’t think of anything to write again so I was scrolling through pictures and saw my Multnomah shawl. I figured “hey, I’ll write about this!” The pattern is Multnomah by Kate Ray. I used 1.8 skeins (~800yds) of Malabrigo sock in Caribeño. I love it! Mostly I wear it as a big scarf, but it is big enough to use as a shawl.

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