Fiber Fun

Two weeks ago was Fiber Fusion Northwest. I’ve gone the past 2 years & both times were fantastic. This year I took a class on spinning yarn for socks taught by Judith MacKenzie. She is an amazing teacher! Here are a few photos from the class:

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To Post, or Not to Post

It’s November again so that means NaBloPoMo. I haven’t decided if I have the gumption to do it this year, but I figured I can always start & if I don’t feel up for it, no big deal. So here is my half-a$$ed first post 😜

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Last Day!

Katie & the Boy had their last day of school for the year. We go pretty late out here, but we start later too so it’s a trade off. Katie is off to middle school next year & the Boy moves up to second grade. I can’t believe my babies are growing up 😢


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Sometimes, Life Gets in the Way

I’m sure that I’ve written before about my part-time job at a local vet clinic. When the kids were younger I only worked Saturdays, but now they are in school, I am able to work during the day. Mostly, I’ve been filling in when people are sick or on vacation, but last week I worked almost every day. By the 3rd day of working I thought to myself, “gosh, how did I work full-time before kids?” And then it hit me…..’before kids’! I must say that I respect working moms, but I definitely felt it even more after just a week of working more hours! So between more work while trying to keep up with the house & take care of the kids & trying to keep up with exercise, I’ve been a bit tired.
When I have had a spare moment, I’ve been working on my Fixation footies & spinning the Frabjous Fibers. I’m into the green-blue section now 🙂


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Today was Katie’s last Field Day at her elementary school. Next year she becomes a big girl and moves up to middle school *gulp*. Seems like yesterday she was my tiny baby.

Sadly I did not get to spend Field Day with her because of poor time management on my part & because her lunch was earlier than normal. Luckily, I will be able to go to her end of the year assembly next week which I am looking forward to 🙂


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I’m Seeing a Pattern

First off, today was crazy hair day at school, so this happened.

While waiting for my pizza today I was working on a Fixation sock. I looked down & noticed my socks matched my sandals.

Then I remembered they both matched the fiber I’m working on.

I hope this doesn’t make me a one trick pony 😉


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One Ugly Cop

For those who don’t know, a “cop” is the chunk of spun fiber on the spindle. Ideally when you wind on, you want to do it close to the whorl with tension. The fiber doesn’t have to be too tight, just “snug” to keep it from unwinding or falling off. This is the Turkish spindle I got at Fiber Fusion Northwest.

Clearly, I’m not very adept at winding on with the Turkish. But as with most things, practice makes perfect!
Here are a couple other pictures of my ugly cop 🙂


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